Oxford Spires Academy

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Principal Designate Appointed

Mrs Sue Croft has been appointed as the Principal Designate for the proposed Academy and is already working with the sponsors to develop a new learning environment which serves the students and the local community. For more details please see the newsletter in the Downloads section to the right.

Signs of things to come...

ebitnow.com to become inspirestoday.com

Increased use of Twitter and Facebook

Pages for English & EAL, ICT & Computing, Design & Technolgy and Enterprise & WorkSkills

Much more use of graphics and images

Instant posting and increase in number of contributors


Mr C's Christmas ICT Challenge

A christmassy spreadsheet and wordsearch! Woohoo!

Download 12 Days of Christmas Spreadsheet Challenge

Download Xmas_wordsearch


Y12 L3 Introduction to Marketing FULL Assignment...

Attached below for looking at any time...

Download L3 Unit 3 Introduction to Marketing Assignment


Some great examples of P3


Business Sectors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

A little piece of coursework to help you gain that bonus qualification...

Download Business Sectors


Business Plan

A basic Business Plan....

Have a go at completing these 10 slides for your own mini Business idea (can be anything you like)!

Download Fun Basic Business Plan


WorkSkills Level 2 - Everything you need...

Plenty of good stuff below to get you moving on Unit 1!

A) Easier to use (and print!) templates...

Download Sole Trader Template for Workskills (Think: One Person Businesses, eg Ice Cream Vans, Hairdressers, Plumbers, Electricians)

Download LTD Private Limited Company Template for Workskills (Think: Small Family owned Businesses like those you might find in the Covered Market in Oxford)

Download PLC Public Limited Company Template for Workskills (Think: Large Businesses you might find all over the Country. Consider large shopping streets like Cornmarket in Oxford)

Download Franchise Company Template for Workskills (Think of Businesses that appear to be chains, especially from the USA originally! Like McDs, Burger King, Subway, Dominos)

Download Charity Template for Workskills

B) The very latest scores / progress check..

To get P1 and P2 (50% of Unit 1 Pass done) you need to get the following work Green (Passed)! Orange means there is still work to do and Red means I haven't seen it at all!

 Download Workskills-progress-checker-for-unit-1

C) The Full Assignment if you want to get ahead!

Download L2 Unit 1 Business Purposes Workskills Assignment

D) Cracking information source about different types of Business!



Franchise and Charity Templates for today's lesson!

Can you achieve the 25% mark in your bonus coursework BTEC qualification? Check Mr C's spreadsheet also below to see if you have done your Sole Trader, LTD, Partnership work also!

Download Charity Template for GCSE BTEC

Download McDonalds Franchise Template

Download Y10 Class and Exam Scores